Car Transpotation

Car Transportation Services – Network Cargo Movers and Packers – offers a large amount of different car transportation services to fit your unique auto transport needs. We offer the industry standards open and enclosed auto transport as well as door to door and terminal to terminal car transport services. In addition to those four options we also offer exotic car transport. It is important to understand the differences between all the available options to ensure you get the best shipping experience possible. 

Open and Closed Car Transportation Services

we offer two distinct ways to ship your car; open and enclosed auto transport. Open and enclosed refer to the shipping trailer our drivers utilize. When using an open trailer your car is stacked along with a few others and is driven to its destination. This leaves your car exposed to the elements along the way which may not be the best option if you have an exotic or special car, but open auto transport jobs will have lower car shipping rates. If you have a more expensive car, your other option is enclosed transport which ships your car in an auto transport companies enclosed trailer. Because more cars can be towed at one time with an open trailer, it is always the least expensive of the two.

Exotic Car Transport Services

In addition to the open and enclosed auto transport options available, Omkara Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd. also offers exotic car transportation services. We understand that if your shipping an exotic car, you expect the best care possible to be given to it. Omkara Packers and Movers offers a number of automobile transport services to you to ensure your car undergoes a perfect shipping experience. First, we will ship your car in an enclosed trailer to prevent possible damage the elements and to also keep it safe from possible criminals who would want your car for themselves. We will then exercise the utmost care when loading and unloading it from our enclosed trailer. Your car will also loaded into the first position in the trailer so it does not constantly undergo loading and unloading as other cars are added and removed. Doing so will help prevent any accidental damage that could occur as a result of our error during car transport services.

Safe Car Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal Shipping Car Transport Services

The first and final step in shipping your car is deciding where it will be picked up and delivered. Omkara Packers and Movers offers two pick up and delivery options for your shipping convenience. You have the choice of door to door shipping and terminal to terminal car transportation services. During door to door shipping your car is picked up and delivered to a location of your choosing. Terminal to terminal shipping differs from door to door in that you drop you car off and pick it up at a terminal closest to you. Because extra driving and other issues are involved, transporting your car door to door is the most expensive of the two options.

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