Since you are unsure about safety, let me tell you how movers can ensure safety of the goods. Imagine packing a 3 seater leather sofa or a cupboard on your own? Can you really pack it in such a way that even if it falls down, it won’t get damaged? I am sure you can’t pack it on your own.

But when you involve a professional movers and packers, you can be rest assured that they will pack it in such a way, that even if it falls down while loading, there will be no damage. Movers and packers these days use wooden crate as additional safety layer for costly and heavy items.

Movers and packers do multi layer packing these days for heavy household items that can’t be dismantled to ensure safety while it’s being transported. First layer using bubble wrap, second layer using cardboard sheet, third layer of poly sheet (water proofing) and finally it will be kept in the wooden crate/frame for additional safety.

Can you think of doing it on your own and even if you try to procure these many packing supplies, I am sure you won’t be able to match the level of a professional who have the expertise to pack and mover things on daily basis.

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